Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Freshman Pack

There are things about college that, if you take a stop back, you realize are completely hilarious. Things that normally would be considered outlandish, are okay.... as long as you are in college. Examples? Procrastinating until staying up all night is a requirement. Eating food that doesn't exactly look right- i.e. dorm food. But of all stupid college mannerisms, and the one that all people who've had a post-secondary educational experience are guilty of, is the notorious "freshman pack."

Some may be unfamiliar with this phrase...for all of you, let me explain. A "freshman pack" consists of multiple first-year college students. Under the cover of darkness these night prowlers are on a hunt. For what exactly? A kegger or any house where disgustingly cheap beer and liquor can quench their thirst.

On a couple of desperate nights I participated in the undergrad parades. The night starts out by getting all dressed up...I don't really understand why because the houses we end up in provide an impossibly dirty atmosphere. Then we set out and scour the area, usually on foot, looking for any traces of a good old fashioned party.

My 1st Night In A Freshman Pack, a dancer's story:

My favorite red heels and a matching top. Small purse with the essentials: lip gloss, keys, and a five dollar bill. And we're off...

The first place was a frat house. The party was going on in two of the rooms and all the people there were already wasted. One particular memory from that was of a disgusting display of intoxication. There was a male sitting in a recliner in the corner of one room. He had a case of Keystone sitting next to him and a beer bong in one hand. Basically passing out mid-sentence he kept slurring/yelling, "Anybody want to take a bong, anybody?" Ten minutes later we left.

The next stop of the night was a nicer frat....lots of dancing going on. It looked fun but we had to leave as soon as we got there. Why? It was dry. No Alcohol=No Party.

Finally we stopped at an apartment complex. The apartment was nice and filled with an abundance of eye candy. Too bad that the cute ones approached you with an open cup of beer. "Want to have some fun?" No Thanks.

And the end of the night we walk back to the dorms. (If you are lucky, you are drunk and can't really tell that you walked a mile to pay 5 dollars for one blue cup filled with cheap beer.)

Looking back, I realize that freshman year in college brought a lot of fun and some great memories. I can say, somewhat shamefully, that I participated in one of those unique college mannerisms. Fun memories were made but now I've moved year down and a few more to go. I will always sit back and laugh when I see a group of girls, all done up for a night on frat row.

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Elle said...

HAHA. 8 years later and it is still exactly the same. Exactly.