Sunday, May 13, 2007

Summer Guy goes creepy...

So I finally met up with Summer Guy this past weekend! It was a total let down too. Sad...I actually thought this one had the potential to be cool.

I went south for a few days to visit some friends. He called just to chat and said he was in town too. So, he told me to meet him at this party. I went and he was not just drunk, it was worse....he was inebriated to the n-th degee.

Drunkenness doesn't always bother me but he was all of a sudden one of those creepy guys. Staring for way too long, trying to hold my hand, kissing my hand. You get the picture...

I'm a little confused because I met him sober, and he totally wasn't a creeper. Since then we've talked about just about anything and everything and, still, no creepy vibe. However, this weekend, he defined the term.

I need to slowly get away without being mean. I know he has feelings for me....but after this weekend, I can't stomach it!

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