Monday, May 7, 2007

Summer Guy

Last summer I went on a trip with one of my best friends. We went to a resort for a weekend and were looking forward to a weekend laying in the sun with our margaritas and girl talk. What I didn't expect is to meet a guy....especially to meet a guy I can't forget.

We met them in the pool, it was Summer Guy and three of his friends. We all went on the waterslides and sat in the hottub. I made a connection with Summer Guy and had some really great conversation for a first meeting. Later, when we were waterlogged my friend and I decided to go eat so we made plans to see the guys later.

We met up with them and they told us to come play laser tag with them. The resort had a really awesome place, totally reminded me of the paintball scene in the movie Failure to Launch, except in the dark. Anyway...Summer Guy and I basically spent the whole time shooting at each other. Childishly fun flirting-It was great. After I "killed him" about 25 times our time ran out and we all went into a bar area to sit and socialize. At the end of the night we all parted ways. No numbers exchanged and to be quite honest, that bothered me.

In the morning, my friend and I each had a note with the concierge from two of the guys. He left his number.

Creepy? No I was a sucker and called him. He lived a good 6 hours away and it was an improbable relationship. We continued talking, multiple times a week sometimes for an hour or more. We got to know each other extremely well and always meant to see each other again.

Last fall I had a run in with B man and that put Summer Guy on the back burner. Not sure why I did that because Summer Guy was SO much cooler than B man. Can't have regrets though. I decided to attend college in the same city as Summer Guy and we talked about getting together. Neither of us really made that big of an effort.

Since then the whole B man thing ended for good and I tranferred schools. Now I'm back to being 5 hours away. I still talk to Summer Guy all the time. We talked about why we never made an effort to see each other and the consensus was that we were just too nervous. Plus, neither of us had a vehicle to drive across town. But still, it was JUST across town!

Although he and I lack the physical side of a relationship, he is very close to being one of my best friends. He makes me laugh, understands how I feel, and always makes an equal amount of effort. We've both dated since and talked about it. We aren't waiting around for each other but we both know that we compare other relationship prospects to the one we have already.

I have no idea when or if we will see each other again or what it would feel like to meet the person that knows everything about me but has only seen me once. I also wonder what exactly I have with him. I said "best friend" earlier but I know it is more than a friendship. At the same time though, we have never hung out together! What the hell is it? I don't know if I'll ever know exactly.

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