Thursday, August 30, 2007

new friends...

So after all the drama with my friends from high school, i feel like i've moved on and it's all behind me.

I'm back in the city after an awkward summer trapped in a small town within miles of my ex-besties. It was such a hard summer for me...being on my own and having no friends to really lean on. I decided to get out of the lease I had signed with those girls and I moved in with a new roommate, we'll call her Cariñosa. (spanish for loving)

I started hanging out with my neighbors from last year... we hung out mostly on weekends and studied together during the week. They are a riot...mostly latinos and a few random others. They are great because they give you a hug when they see you no matter what, dance all the time, and can always make you laugh. We fell in love with these new friends. Cariñosa and I were having a blast and I rarely think about my other friends. Of course i have had the random run ins with the old besties but it was never any big deal.

The things I've learned are so valuable to me. I feel like I finally have friends who truly will be there for me always. I never had that. Cariñosa has proven to be a more caring friend than I've ever had. Truth be told, she is incredibly messy and we won't be roommates forever. :) I have a feeling that we will always be friends though.

By the way, I have been a little negligent and should let everyone know that Madtown Man and I are over. It just fizzled after I went to California......... boys will be boys!

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